Level Indication

Level indication is a vital tool to guard against silo overfilling and to keep a track of raw material inventory levels. We offer level equipment from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Monitor Technologies. Monitor equipment is renowned for its rugged build quality and reliability which minimises the risk of component failure and site maintenance.

We offer a comprehensive range of continuous and point level systems suitable for virtually all applications involving free flowing powders and granular materials. 

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Other Products in Range
  • Tilt Switches

    Tilt Switches are economical, trouble-free point level controls available for detection of dry bulk materials. The units can be used as high level indicators to eliminate bin overflow or to control levels in open piles. In addition, the tilt switches are useful in determining over or under-load on conveyor belts.

    The simple yet efficient internal construction (one moving part) provides indication when unit is tilted at a 17º angle thoughout the complete 360º of axial arc.

    Each tilt switch includes a threaded bore for attaching extension actuators which can increase sensing repeatability and protect the tilt switch from direct contact with coarse material. Monitor offer two different models of tilt switches, each suited to satisfy application requirements.

  • VibraRod Vibratory Level Sensors

    VibraRod vibratory level sensors provide point level detection of free flowing powders and granular materials. The vibrating probe principle of the VibraRod overcomes typical application difficulties associated with changes in material, electrical dielectric constant, temperature or humidity while providing reliable solid state electronic circuitry that requires no calibration.

    The single rod design eliminates the potential problem of false signalling due to material build-up or clogging associated with "tuning fork" type probes.

    Monitor level switches generate an alarm signal when the material in storage vessels reaches a predetermined high, low or intermediate level. They are suitable for use in silos, hoppers and bins containing free-flowing materials such as cement, cement substitute, grain, sand, animal feed, flour, powdered lime, plastic granules etc.

    A comprehensive range of rigid tubular extensions to 3 metres long, or flexible cable extensions to 20 metres long, are available to maximise the number of VibraRod applications.

  • Diaphragm Switch

    Monitor's range of binatrol diaphragm bin monitors consists of economical, reliable and durable devices for point level detection of dry bulk materials.