BFM Fitting

BFM® fitting

BFM® fitting is greatly improving powder handling processes worldwide. The patented BFM® system combines specially designed grooved spigots and a connecting sleeve with integral snap bands which, for the first time, locate internally within the spigots. This revolutionary design makes powder transfer far more efficient and allows effortless "snap in" installation by hand.

BFM fitting is a low cost method to upgrade manufacturing facilities and are the epitome of “lean manufacturing” in action. Specified by leading global manufacturing companies, BFM is proven to take cost out of the manufacturing process and offer far lower total cost of ownership with real tangible savings in many areas:

  • 100% dust tight seal, no leakage - dust tight seal prevents product escape to atmosphere.
  • Standardisation – use standard connectors throughout the factory to simplify maintenance.
  • New level of hygiene – cleaner, safer, dust free factories.
  • Smooth internal bore – reduces risk of build-up and contamination.
  • Quicker changeover – remove in seconds, reduce downtime. See video
  • Safer maintenance - no-tool, installation reduces risk of injury and tramp material.
  • Solves difficult connections - highly effective in vibratory and gyratory applications.
  • Vacuum resistant – highly effective in combatting the effects of vacuum. More info here
  • Explosion resistant – internal sealing seals tighter under pressure. More info here
  • Pressure resistant – external kevlar cover. See video
  • Process monitoring – transparent connectors for visible product flow.
  • Clean in place – efficient CIP cleaning. See video

See the full story in the BFM® fitting introductory video or visit the BFM website.

For advice for applications adjacent to moving machinery, click here.

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